The fundamental design directive for this project was to highlight the existing front door and make it an obvious destination for arriving guests. With its previous driveway and garage configuration, the front door was completely obscured from view, leading guests to enter through the mudroom door instead of the front one. By reconfiguring and opening the entry with a horseshoe driveway, the front door is now the focal point of the entry sequence.

To replace the existing detached garage, an addition was designed with a new garage on the lower floor and a game room and powder room above. To minimize the impact to the recently remodeled house, two points of connection to the new addition were created along hallways in the existing house. The form, materials, and windows of the proposed addition were matched to successfully integrate the new structure into the language of the existing residence.

In addition to the reconfiguration of the front of the property, the entire yard was redesigned to include a new pool house, planting areas and modified swimming pool. The pool house is a detached structure that bookends the rear yard with the swimming pool. The elevation of the existing rear yard and swimming pool were raised to match the finished floor of the house and proposed pool house to create an inviting and simple connection between the spaces. Similar to the addition at the house, the materials, form, windows and doors of the pool house match the existing residence to strengthen the integration of the new work with the existing residence.

Project Partners:

Contractor: Bayside Builders
Structural Engineer: Turbin Structural Engineer
Landscape Architect: Integrated Design Studio
Interior Designer: Donald Ohlen